"A cult figure who should be a luminary..."

"A cult figure who should be a luminary..."
Teddy Edwards in Paris, France photo by Bernard Ailloud - quote by Gary Giddins

Teddy Edwards: A National Treasure

Whether you are just discovering Teddy Edwards or already are a Teddy Edwards fan, enjoy this new blog dedicated to this kind and gentle “ladies’ man.”   Please visit the other pages and enjoy some rare interviews and vintage videos, songs and poems I collected over the years.  Also, make sure to check out the movie page to learn more about the much-anticipated
documentary film, TEDDY EDWARDS NOW. 

Kirsten Reynen
Writer, Producer, Director

  Teddy Edwards was one of Hollywood's 
unique legends from the bebop era. 
From blues to big band, Bebop, to ballads,
Teddy's music and lyrics show a tremendous
amount of versatility and originality.

In a poem about Teddy, the great all-around musician
and entertainer Tom Waits wrote:

"he can sound like a train, or he can sound like
he's drinking champagne on that same train."

In a 1994 interview, American saxophonist Bobby Watson told me
the following about Teddy:

"Teddy went through a whole lot of troubles in his life,
but he still kept that love in his playing...
His graciousness rubs off."