"A cult figure who should be a luminary..."

"A cult figure who should be a luminary..."
Teddy Edwards in Paris, France photo by Bernard Ailloud - quote by Gary Giddins

Teddy Edwards Music and Albums

"I've never made a lot of money.
People believe that because they see your name on a lot of records,
and you go all over the world, you must be rich.
I manage to live within my means.
I live very moderately.
That way I'm able to survive with a certain amount of comfort.
I don't need everything.
I am not interested in making a hit record.
Receiving a standing ovation at the North Sea Jazz Festival
means more to me than a million dollars."

Teddy Edwards
Radio Interview 1994

Teddy Edwards at North Sea Jazz Festival 1994

For Teddy Edwards extensive discography click on the following link by mrmanri from Japan:  http://homepage3.nifty.com/mrmanri/TeddyEdwards/index.html

Below are just some visuals of some the records Teddy Edwards made.